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Transforming Information Technology. Like Only Nebraska Can.

IS&T’s mission is to transform the world by leveraging technology in innovative and inclusive ways. We share commitments with the University of Nebraska, the state and private industry to address the growing global need for knowledgeable information technology professionals. 

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

IS&T’s Learn and Earn Initiative will provide all students with the opportunity to pursue and complete their degrees with minimal cost barriers and access to experiential learning opportunities to help launch their IT careers. Gifts will fund access to scholarships, tutoring and a dedicated space for students to receive mentoring.

Enhancing Faculty and Academic Excellence​

Given the critical role instructional faculty play, a fund that will allow instructional faculty to obtain certificates and attend technical and educational conferences to continue to upgrade both their technical and instructional skills would be beneficial for faculty. In addition, teaching and research chairs will reward instructional faculty who support innovation.

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Transformational Research and Innovation

IS&T has six core research competencies that are vital to the city, state, region and nation. Physical environments need to be established where people can develop collaborative innovations and as open spaces for all stakeholders, students and faculty researchers. These collaboratoriums will focus on applied discoveries and innovations.

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Only with donor support can IS&T attract the students necessary to meet the urgent need for IT professionals in the private sector, as well as to educate the profession’s next generation of leadership. Through your generous support, we can build a more diverse student and instructor population while helping to identify and solve the next big technological challenges.


“In our college, students have the opportunity to explore their interests in technology. Faculty are leading scholars in their fields who provide their students with many opportunities to engage with the latest advances in the information technology field. This results in a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment. Students in the College of IS&T will be challenged but inspired. They will be rewarded with the expertise to thrive in the dynamic field of information technology.”

– Martha Garcia-Murillo, Ph.D.
Lee D. and Willa Seemann Distinguished Dean


Peter Kiewit Institute Expansion

To address Nebraska’s workforce challenges, UNO must build its capabilities to increase enrollment in high-demand areas such as technology and engineering. A physical expansion of PKI will add 61% more square footage, provide modern spaces and opportunities for students and help to forge a stronger partnership with the Omaha business community. This project also represents an investment in the continued evolution and growth of UNO and the state’s economic future. The expansion will house student support systems like the Hub and tutoring centers.

Student Scholarships

The College of IS&T is committed to the idea that every student has the chance to succeed. Scholarships will assist with the recruitment, retention and completion of degree programs. This will include scholarships like the Opportunity and Access Scholarship for IT Students (OASIS) fund.

Instructional Faculty Support/Teaching Chairs

IS&T seeks to establish a fund that will allow instructional faculty to obtain certificates and attend technical and educational conferences to continue to update and upgrade their technical and teaching skills. Teaching chairs will reward instructional faculty who support educational innovation while creating an incentive to retain top, and particularly diverse, talent.

Research Collaboratoriums

IS&T faculty are involved in impactful research spanning various domains, such as leveraging Artificial Intelligence for pancreatic cancer diagnosis, utilizing sensors and visualizations to assess the state of our nation’s bridges and fostering children’s interest in tech through educational games. To support their endeavors, IS&T has established six collaboratoriums. These collaboratoriums provide stipends to students engaged in research, facilitating their attendance at conferences to showcase their work.

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