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Preparing Health Care Innovators of Tomorrow. Like Only Nebraska Can.

UNMC Graduate Studies is committed to being the best place in the nation to train graduate students through exceptional health science educational and research programs, faculty mentoring and professional skills development. Graduate Studies is at the heart of UNMC and supports every college and institute across the campus.

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

While UNMC’s premier programs and innovative research are poised to lead the world in transforming lives, more fellowship funding is needed to enhance the university’s competitiveness against its peers. This strategic support will help UNMC recruit talented graduate students and empower them to compete for national fellowship awards more effectively.

Enhancing Faculty, Academic and Clinical Excellence

Attracting and retaining the very best teachers, researchers and scholars is of utmost importance to UNMC Graduate Studies, as these faculty members provide essential mentorship and guidance to graduate students. 

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Transformational Research and Innovation

An integral part of retaining UNMC’s most promising researchers is providing recognition of their lifesaving and life-enhancing work. Research awards honor graduate students and faculty whose achievements have significantly added to their respective fields of scientific knowledge and/or have impacted the ongoing quest for improved therapies and treatments for patients.

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UNMC strives to be the best academic health science center in the country as measured by its impact on the people of Nebraska and the world. Graduate students contribute immeasurably to fulfilling this mission. With private support, we can help these talented and hardworking students reach their full potential.


“Graduate students are the backbone of the research that is done at UNMC every day. The impact of their contributions goes beyond cures and breakthroughs.”

–H. Dele Davies, MD, MHCM
Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Dean, Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Graduate Scholarships and Fellowship Stipends

Most graduate students are supported by grant stipends, which allow them to focus on their research and education. Most recently, UNMC provided stipend support for one-third of graduate students who applied for internal fellowships. Graduate Studies aims to significantly expand this support to empower more graduate students to focus on impactful research and increase the university’s ability to recruit and retain the best students and researchers. 

Graduate Student Travel Stipends

Funding to support student travel will allow graduate students to engage with other institutions and present their work at conferences. These presentations develop confidence, provide valuable professional experience and set students up for career success through networking and connections. 

Faculty Development and Mentoring

Graduate Studies is committed to expanding the skills of current faculty who help educate and train graduate students. Faculty play a critical role in equipping graduate students with key transferable and professional skills to expand their career opportunities.

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