UNMC College of Allied Health Professions

Preparing the Health Care Workforce of the Future. Like Only Nebraska Can.

The College of Allied Health Professions is known for excellence, innovation and teamwork. As a key provider of allied health professionals in Nebraska, the college is committed to providing accessible, affordable and high-quality allied health education programs that serve students across Nebraska and the country. 

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

The college is committed to increasing access and decreasing debt for all students pursuing careers in an allied health profession. The college is focused on a holistic admissions initiative, which aims to ensure all students can pursue their academic ambitions, particularly first-generation students and those who are historically underserved. 

Enhancing Faculty, Academic and Clinical Excellence

The national shortage of allied health faculty places the College of Allied Health Professions in an increasingly competitive environment for recruiting experienced faculty. Endowed chair positions are powerful tools in recruiting these talented individuals as they allow the flexibility for faculty to pursue additional teaching and research opportunities.

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Jana Broadhurst, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit Clinical Laboratory.
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Transformational Research and Innovation

The college is committed to robust research that responds to the changing needs of the community and enhances the learning experiences of students. Private support will provide ongoing and sustainable funding for ambitious and varied initiatives, including startup costs for new educational program development, research equipment and intermittent personnel support.

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As the educational home to vital, in-demand health care professions, the College of Allied Health Professions is committed to delivering innovative 21st-century education, recruiting and retaining the most talented faculty, meeting society’s changing health care needs and generating transformative research. None of these ambitious goals are possible without private support.


“If the past is any predictor of the future, it’s likely that over the next 50 years the College of Allied Health Professions will add professions that don’t even exist today. As health care has advanced, our professions and our college have advanced with it. We’ve equipped allied health professionals to improve the health and quality of life in Nebraska, the country and the world for 50 years, and UNMC looks forward to continuing that mission for the next 50.”

– Kyle P. Meyer, PhD, MS, PT, FASAHP
Dean, College of Allied Health Professions


Student Scholarships

Robust scholarship support will help ensure all students are able to pursue their academic ambitions while providing critical resources to encourage the best and brightest students to attend the College of Allied Health Professions.

Endowed Chairs 

Creation of additional endowed chairs in the college’s four major departments will provide a significant advantage in the highly competitive drive to recruit and retain talented faculty in the allied health professions.

Discretionary Funds

Unrestricted discretionary funds are a vital resource in a growing college. These funds will allow the College of Allied Health Professions to respond to changing research needs and grow its research enterprise.

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