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As Nebraska’s only engineering college, the College of Engineering requires philanthropic investment to expand to meet the state’s workforce need for more engineers. The college seeks to grow its enrollment as it develops statewide engagement and outreach initiatives to offer engineering expertise, programming for Nebraska’s youth and partnerships with communities to enhance their STEM workforce. 

Noha Algahimi, a senior in chemical engineering, represented College of Engineering students for the Kiewit Hall groundbreaking of the new College of Engineering building. June 28, 2021 Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communication
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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

Merit and need-based scholarships, in addition to world-class facilities, are key to recruiting and retaining students. Other goals are to increase graduate student support, establish an honors program and provide mental health resources. In an increasingly competitive environment, providing an exceptional student experience is essential to leveling the playing field and moving the college ahead of its peers.

Enhancing Faculty and Academic Excellence

The best faculty attract the best students. Investing in faculty has a multiplier effect as they play a central role in the success of students and the college’s research and industry engagement. The college needs to increase the number of endowed chairs, professorships and faculty support funds in order to compete for world-class faculty.

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Durham School Professor with Student and a Ball Of Lights
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Shane Farritor working with students in his research lab

Transformational Research and Innovation

The College of Engineering has a statewide mandate as Nebraska’s only engineering school. The college requires funding to develop an engineering “extension” initiative to offer engineering expertise statewide, provide programming to K-12 schools and partner with communities to develop their STEM workforce. These funds also enable the college to make timely, strategic investments in faculty, programs and students.

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By addressing the needs of students, faculty and programs in a strategic and mission-focused manner, the College of Engineering, together with its alumni and benefactors, is designing a future where the college serves Nebraska as a significant economic driver. Your gift will help it evolve from a strong college to one that is truly world class.


“Job growth and the future of the economy of the United States and Nebraska is in STEM fields. With strong support from donors, alumni and industry, we have wonderful opportunities to participate in that growth and be a key driver of economic development in our state and region. We want you to be a part of this incredibly exciting time in the history of the College of Engineering. The college is literally transforming before our eyes.”

– Lance C. Pérez, Ph.D., Dean of College of Engineering


Student Scholarships

Merit-based and need-based scholarships and fellowships are required to address unmet financial need and recruit and retain top students as the college seeks to grow from 3,000 to 5,000 undergraduate students.

Kiewit Hall

When Kiewit Hall opens in 2024, this new facility will serve as the academic hub for undergraduate engineering education and will elevate the College of Engineering nationally among its peers.

Faculty Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Increased funding for endowed chairs and professorships and faculty recruitment and retention will elevate the excellence of the College of Engineering. Faculty members play a critical role in students’ success and in the college’s research and industry engagement.

Honors Program

Funding is needed to establish an honors program to bolster the College of Engineering’s ability to retain the best and brightest from Nebraska.

Mental/Physical Health

The College of Engineering seeks to support students by hiring a mental health professional and providing other services to help students succeed in their goal of earning a college degree.

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