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The mission of the College of Education and Human Sciences is to enhance the lives of individuals, families, schools and communities and to strengthen the relationships among them. The college strives to ensure that every inhabitant of Nebraska and beyond will achieve their maximum potential, contribute to their community in meaningful and constructive ways and enjoy optimum health and well-being throughout their lives. 

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

By focusing on student access through scholarships and student success through innovative programming and teaching, we can address the significant workforce challenges across the state.

Enhancing Faculty and Academic Excellence

One of the most important assets we have is our people. Endowed chairs and professorships will provide the college the leveraging power needed to recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty in areas such as development of thriving young children, access to comprehensive health and well-being and building strong communities. 

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Transformational Research and Innovation

Research in the college encompasses a range of areas, including teaching and teacher education, educational leadership, health and wellness and human development. Faculty also contribute to the fields of family science, textiles and apparel and the hospitality industries. This diversity of programming enables the college to impact the human condition throughout the lifespan, in areas that matter most.

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The education, research and community outreach at the College of Education and Human Sciences all focus on the fundamental building blocks of a flourishing society: the development of young children, ensuring access to comprehensive health and well-being resources and building strong schools and communities. Your support for this crucial work impacts the future.  


“With your help, the College of Education and Human Sciences can prepare more of the professionals that Nebraska urgently needs, hire outstanding professors and equip them with the tools they need to make meaningful and constructive contributions, and continue the innovation and discovery that leads to stronger individuals, families, schools and communities.”

– Nicholas J. Pace, Ed.D. 
Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences
Velma Warren Hodder Professor


Teacher Scholars Academy

Thanks to the support of donors like you, this cohort-based program for outstanding students helps address Nebraska’s teacher workforce shortage through scholarships while providing exemplary teacher preparation.

Educational Leaders Academy

Private funding for this graduate-level program can help prepare school leaders and address burnout and high turnover among these professionals.

Clinical Scholars Academy

Philanthropic gifts will strengthen this cohort-based academy that supports students in health and wellness training and advances interprofessional education through scholarships and a cross-disciplinary learning community.

Combined Child Development Lab and Couple and Family Therapy Clinic

This new facility will allow for increased enrollment in early childhood education and mental health fields. It also will improve the child care and counseling services the college provides to the public.

Faculty Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Increased funding for endowed chairs and professorships will significantly enhance faculty recruitment and retention, elevating the excellence of the College of Education and Human Sciences. Faculty members play a critical role in students’ success and in the college’s research and outreach.

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