University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Architecture

Designing the Future. Like Only Nebraska Can.

United by an unwavering belief in the transformational power of design and planning to effect positive change, the college develops innovative, collaborative leaders in architecture, design and planning. Through the research of our faculty, the success of our graduates and our many partnerships within the community, we strive to create a resilient, healthy and beautiful world. 

College of Architecture students working together
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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

The college seeks donor support for students in five areas: scholarships and fellowships (tuition, travel and laptop funds), technology to equip the classrooms of the future, programming to improve student physical and mental well-being, study abroad and internships/externships.

Enhancing Faculty and Academic Excellence

The hallmark of our college is the caring, attentive investment of our faculty and staff in each and every student. Opportunities to support faculty include endowed chairs and professors, enhanced recruitment and startup resources and programmatic funds for faculty who wish to improve their teaching, research, creative activity and student engagement.

Nebraska N Blk
College of Architecture students working together
Nebraska N Blk
Interior design professor chatting with two students at his desk.

Transformational Research and Innovation

Through supporting research, donors can help the college recruit and retain exceptional faculty whose research will solve pressing problems and transform the career pathways for students. 

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Together, we will increase accessibility to design and planning careers while reducing student debt and preparing our graduates for challenging, rewarding careers. We will hire outstanding professors equipped with the tools needed to excel in teaching, research and community service. Together, we can design a college that shapes a better future.


“With your gifts and collaboration, we strive forward together,  leveraging the transformative power of planning and design to make a beneficial impact in the lives of our students, our local communities, the citizens of Nebraska, and beyond.”

– Kevin G. Van Den Wymelenberg, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Architecture


Scholarships and Fellowships

Financial support opens the world of architecture, design and planning to generations of students for whom the cost of higher education would otherwise be out of reach. Such support also reduces debt and thereby increases opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships 

The college seeks to create additional endowed chairs and professorships to recruit and hire faculty for short periods of time (1-3 years). These in-residence faculty bring new practices and fresh perspectives to the college while enhancing the college’s reputation and broadening students’ professional networks.

Faculty Research and Programmatic Support

Faculty are exploring new forms of sustainable and resilient building construction and planning/design for healthy buildings and cities, communities and the planet. The college seeks to provide seed research grants and cutting-edge technology to support faculty in their pursuit of new knowledge and creative impact.

Technology for the Classrooms of the Future 

While Architecture Hall is currently undergoing renovation to upgrade the infrastructure for teaching and learning, donors have the chance to create an even greater impact by providing funds to enhance all spaces with the technology and tools necessary to provide a leading-edge education.

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It takes a lot to build a future, so let’s start the conversation now.