UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute

Advocating for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Like Only Nebraska Can.

The Munroe-Meyer Institute strives to be a world leader in transforming the lives of all individuals with disabilities and complex health care needs, their families and the community through outreach, engagement, premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care. MMI offers more than 100 services across Nebraska.

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

To meet the ever-increasing needs of the intellectual and developmental disability community, MMI needs to develop an expertly trained and diverse workforce to recruit students from underrepresented communities. Student financial support helps MMI recruit talented individuals because it allows students to acquire their education without the weight of burdensome debt upon graduation.

Enhancing Faculty, Academic and Clinical Excellence

To educate the best and brightest students, MMI must recruit and retain elite faculty and staff. Endowed faculty positions are essential to recruiting additional faculty, postdoctoral candidates and graduate students, as well as clinical and research activities — offering an infusion of fresh ideas that leads to innovative research initiatives.

NMed Emblem RTM K
NMed Emblem RTM K

Transformational Research and Innovation

MMI’s new facility doubled the workspace for programmatic and research opportunities. Unrestricted and discretionary funds are crucial to the operation of new initiatives. Funding for pilot projects will propel the discovery of new diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures that will improve the quality of life for those served by MMI. 

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Private philanthropy is the catalyst that allows MMI to build upon its strengths and move the needle forward to meet its mission. For those who care about Nebraska’s future, investing in MMI is the surest, most timely way to help the state flourish.


“When you are on a mission, the journey never really ends. With our relocation to our magnificent new facility completed, we are moving into the next phase of MMI’s evolution — growth! MMI’s larger space and state-of-the-art technology allow us to expand existing programming, create new programming and position ourselves for even more robust research and training efforts. As we progress, we will grow our provider pool, research capacity, educational programs and community partnerships.”

–Károly Mirnics, MD, PhD
Director and Hattie B. Munroe Professor
Munroe-Meyer Institute


Endowed Faculty Positions, Support and Recruitment

Funding for a presidential chair, as well as chairs for the director of research and the director of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, will provide MMI with the tools to compete on the national and international stage when recruiting the best professionals. In addition, support for professorships within every MMI department will enhance its status as a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and care of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex health care issues. MMI’s Department of Psychology, including its Applied Behavioral Analysis program, is well respected in the field. Support for a training program director for MMI’s internships and fellowship programs will allow for continued growth and excellence. 

Discretionary Research Funding

MMI conducts innovative studies across the research spectrum. Basic, applied, translational and evaluative research investigations are conducted by each MMI program and discipline. Research at MMI ranges from basic investigations in developmental neurosciences, such as the genetics of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, to applied studies of treatments for disorders of movement, severe behavior, feeding, communication, sleep, pediatric pain and learning. Only through donor support can MMI expand its research initiatives. Research funding for pilot projects will serve as a catalyst for the discovery of much-needed diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures that will improve the quality of life for those MMI serves and their families.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Student Support

The ability to provide additional financial support will help to attract gifted and inquisitive minds to UNMC and MMI because it will allow students to obtain their education without the burden of oppressive debt after graduation. MMI’s robust Applied Behavior Analysis programs, in partnership with UNMC and the University of Nebraska at Omaha educational programs, will help to build the pipeline to increase the number of professionals in Nebraska and beyond who diagnose and treat mental and behavioral health issues. The ability to fund these opportunities for students internally will enable MMI to work with UNO, UNK, UNL and UNMC to recruit, train and retain these professionals to serve Nebraskans.

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