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Advancing Justice. Like Only Nebraska Can.

The College of Law develops inclusive leaders who advance justice, solve problems and serve with integrity. Our students receive a high-quality, Big Ten legal education and work with faculty who are actively engaged in addressing real-world problems. 

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Relentless Focus on Student Access and Success

Increased scholarship support can help keep a law education affordable for students of all backgrounds. Reduced student loan debt means students can follow their passions with less regard for earning potential, leading them to careers working in government, community and nonprofit sectors, and serving rural and immigrant communities. Donor support also can enhance hands-on learning opportunities for students through clinics and externships.

Enhancing Faculty and Academic Excellence

To attract and retain the best law professors in an increasingly competitive hiring environment, the college needs to offer a greater number of chairs and professorships. Funding also can support short-term research professorships that incentivize professors to fully participate in the college’s strategic priority of solving vital societal problems.

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Law professor teaching in lecture hall
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Law professor teaching in lecture hall

Transformational Research and Innovation

Donors can have an impact by supporting research that explores cutting-edge areas of law. Faculty are actively engaged in research in employee benefits law, the impact of space, cyber and telecommunications law on national security and much more.

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With donor support, the College of Law can reduce student loan debt and increase access to justice by providing much-needed legal counsel for the vulnerable in our communities. The college can become recognized nationally as a premier law school that develops leaders who advance justice, solve problems and serve with integrity.


“Nebraska Law provides an innovative and interdisciplinary education in a personalized environment. Our faculty is passionate about ensuring that students gain the knowledge, skills and relationships that enable them to think critically and creatively as they address complex state, national and international issues to advance justice. We empower our students to succeed and to become leaders.”

– Richard E. Moberly, J.D.
Dean, College of Law
Richard C. & Catherine S. Schmoker Professor of Law



Increased support can help the college attract the best and brightest students from around the country. This creates a more diverse student body with students from underrepresented populations, rural students, first-generation law students and military veterans, as well as students interested in advancing justice through work in public service and in the public interest.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Enhanced faculty support can increase opportunities for students by ensuring they have high-quality faculty and professional staff to guide them throughout their law school experience. This support also assists in recruiting scholars whose research broadens and deepens areas of expertise in the college.

Faculty Recruitment and Support

The college will use support to recruit directors for college initiatives including the Rural Law Opportunities Program, the Underserved Law Opportunities Program and the Law + Business Program. It also can fund the addition of an associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion and a director of externships.

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